Watson’s Way

The world’s canine guru

What if you could learn life’s lessons from man’s best friend?

Well, you can.

If you want to become a better person, why not live…


Everyone Loves Watson’s Way!

What Readers Are Saying

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Kids who love animals

Watson’s stories are wonderfully simple–and simply wonderful–for kids of all ages. Grade school kids (and up) love to read Watson’s stories on their own. Younger children enjoy listening to Mom or Dad read them.

Parents who love kids

Reading together is always a special time. How much more so when Watson’s stories lend a hand in conveying important principles? Faith. Friendship. Being yourself. Confidence. The importance of kindness. Watson shares these.

Grandparents who love to nurture

Grandparents know that kids are up against more than ever before. Watson provides a unique viewpoint on things and helps grandparents instill their values.

Youth pastors who love them all

So many worldviews are raging these days that youth ministers need all the help they can get. Watson’s stories are pithy and perfect for communicating Biblical concepts.

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Want to Learn More About Watson?

Watch our short video about Watson and his “persons.” Watson’s Way has garnered quite a few books awards. And many, many fond book reviews. See why here.

~ Award-Winning Watson ~


Watson’s Way was honored with IAAW awards shortly after its release:

  1. TOP 10 AUTHOR
  2. TOP 3 BOOK


We were so pleased by the judges’ attention at the North American Book Awards, as well:

  • ANIMALS & PETS, 2nd Place

A Devotional Book by a Dog?

The Story Behind the Watson’s Way Style

We knew Watson’s stories should be short and to the point. There are so many to share, after all! Watson has taught us so much about living well and meeting life with a sense of joy and adventure…that sensibility had to permeate the book.

But we also wanted to give readers a chance to process Watson’s lesson. So we included the little journaling “box,” that so clearly resembles the wayward meanderings of a dog.

We fully expected some readers of Watson to be either parents or grandparents, so the journaling box took on extra importance. Perhaps the adult would jot down the reactions of the little one? Or maybe the notes would include how they personalized Watson’s lesson. This can be the stuff family legacies are made of, looking at jotted notes from years before.

Finally, each of Watson’s lessons has an element of faith related to it. At least for us, they do. So we’ve endeavored to gently connect a passage from the Bible to each of Watson’s lessons. We say gently because, obviously, the scriptures were not intended to support the wisdom of a canine.

On the other hand, God is the Maker of us… all creatures, great and small.

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