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I laughed throughout the entire book, especially the chapter called Watson’s Welcome, being that I could personally relate to that chapter because of my own dog. I enjoyed how the chapters of the book flowed into one another, and I also appreciated the bible versus that accompanied each chapter. This is an excellent book for any dog lover.




Watson’s Way is a very cute and sweet book about the author’s family dog. Although it seems to be written more towards a younger audience, I think it can be appreciated by any animal lover. I enjoyed how each chapter is a different little story about Watson and how each has a picture and a relevant bible verse. I also thought it was great that the author left a space after each where the reader could journal their thoughts about the subject matter.

Michelle McCormick


Filled with Great Insight

This is a great little book filled with countless examples of how to simplify your life and enjoy it to the fullest. Not being a dog-owner myself, I wasn’t so sure this book was something that I’d get a lot out of. I was completely wrong. I feel as though I have missed out on so much by not owning a dog. But the great thing about this book is that you can gain the wisdom of how to have a fuller more enjoyable life from others who do have dogs. In today’s complex life, people are so busy trying to get ahead, that they are missing out on the joys of life. If you own a dog yourself, look for these lessons yourself. If you don’t have a dog and would like to enrich your life, get one, and if you don’t have a dog and are unable to own one, then read this book and find the truth in it. Finding joy in the simple things is key!

T Thompson


Cute & Touching

The stories in this fabulous book are short but filled with love and humor. I especially love the life lesson questions and the Biblical quotes at the end of each precious story. I am positive this will be a great read for any pet lover. Thank you for sharing…!



Unconditional Love

A must-read for anyone who’s ever gazed into the soulful eyes of their four-legged best friend and saw the unconditional love, acceptance, and understanding that lies within.



Loving Watson

Whether you are a dog lover or not, you can “fetch” some great thoughts on the importance of rest, patience, courage, joy, dance, and love. I recommend Watson’s Way for anyone who just needs to “sit” a spell and drink in some goodness for a moment.

Queen Lorene


Sweet & Thoughtful

Although written for a younger audience, (this) book can be meaningful for all generations, especially for those who have had four-legged friends. The book is organized by stories about Watson…and has an interactive component which allows the reader to reflect on his/her own experiences while connecting the theme to passages from the Bible. I think this book would be particularly helpful for families who just lost their first pet; as a family they can reflect on how much of an impact their “special friend” has had on their lives and what they can learn from the time they had together.



A Canine Friend

Watson’s Way is a sweet and heartfelt reflection on the life and love of Lund’s departed family dog, Watson. The book focuses on Watson’s unconditional love, grace, and service to the family by just being himself and the lessons we can learn from him. Unlike most books that focus on lessons learned from our pets, Lund gears this story to a younger audience and adds time after each story/lesson to reflect and journal. Lund connects each lesson we can learn from Watson to the lessons taught in the Bible, demonstrating how a dog’s love is a pure, godly love and a true gift. This book particularly hit home for me as I just lost one of my “special friends” as Lund refers to them at the end. I was reminded of the time I had with her and to be grateful for the time we had and the lessons she taught me. If you have ever had a Watson in your life, you’ll appreciate this book and want to share it with your children.




Although the “main character” in this book is (a) dog “Watson,” you should get a few chuckles even if you are a cat person. Watson’s interactions with his cat housemates are very cute. This book is very good for…those who like to interact with their young teens and talk about life lessons. I recommend it.

Bonnie P.



This is such a great way to get things across to my kids without being the pushy parent. Thank You Watson for helping our family become better people! A must read for the family!



Enhance your relationship

This book is for anyone that wants to feel good and be uplifted. In a world selling fear and negativity, this read is a refreshing reminder that we can find happiness and love in simple things, like our pets. I like the specific examples of the life lessons what we can learn from our pets that will stay with us long after they are gone. A must read for the whole family!



Lovely Read!

This is a warmhearted, touching book for any dog lover with a canine family member. The wisdom and life lessons portrayed in this book, in honor of Watson, definitely made me smile and think. This is a light read that would absolutely lighten your day and many more. Great book!




I can definitely relate to this book because I love dogs and have one of my own. I learn from him and can see how genuine his love is. Joel directed this book more towards the younger audience for them to learn from the stories told of how Watson showed unconditional love and his service to the family. I really really loved the pictures, bible verses, and the space after each lesson for you to reflect and journal your thoughts. If you’re a dog lover or an adult that wants to share some insightful stories with your children, I would definitely recommend this book!




Watson’s Way is a short, sweet book that… manages to be more thoughtful than sappy, which I appreciated. It’s more about recognizing the wonderful things about having a dog, and the greater lessons that can be taken from a happy companion that offers unconditional love. I read it in one sitting, but can see going back and reading it more slowly and having more time to really think about the questions and ideas posed in the book.



Must Read

This book is beautiful and well written from start to finish. I loved getting to know Watson and his amazing family. Each chapter is clear and concise and the message that is conveyed is applicable to all ages. I really enjoyed the scriptures that were perfectly weaved around the message in each chapter. My children loved the pictures of Watson, and the author did a fantastic job of making each and every page entertaining. If you are a pet lover and enjoy reading books about pets that teach their owners life lessons, this is a must buy book. Along the same vein as Marley and Me, this book will touch your heart and reaffirm why it is so important to be mindful of the life lessons that can be learned from observing your pet. I highly recommend that you buy this book!

C Hovey


Inspirational devotions

What a find when you want to share devotional experiences with your children or grandchildren. Not only is it inspirational for you, but understandable and inspirational for children. Each devotion teaches a lesson learned from Watson, with thought provoking questions and a Bible verse to go along with it. The devotions are short and to the point, with adorable pictures of Watson. Loved every page of it. Didn’t want it to end.

Harriett Gray


Benefit Many

The book is a small, quick read divided into 1-2 page chapters. Each chapter includes a bible quote/passage, a life lesson learned from the family dog, and reflection questions with space to write responses. Dog lovers will relate to the lessons/stories. Religious folks will appreciate the biblical ties. Kids will like it because it’s easy to read and relate to. I especially loved this book because I was able to use it to facilitate family discussions about important life lessons.

Kristen Brosch



Watson’s Way is a uplifting feel good book.This would be a great coffee table book for guest to pick up and read a chapter or two that interest them or the whole book for that fact. …I love the short to the point life lessons plus I was so happy that (the author) added bible scriptures also. This would make a great gift for not only animal lovers but anyone to show the more simple things in life that we sometimes forget or overlook in our busy lives. Pick this up for your child that is going away to college its a perfect match.

Renee Cenci


Great Book!

Wonderful Book! I have been on the fence about owning a pet myself. I have a 4 year old son who I’m sure would grow attached to the dog if we ever own one. My son would be horrified if anything were to happen to it. The author did a great job detailing the reality of being a pet owner and the attachment that comes with it. This was really a great story and I would recommend this book to anyone really.

Forever Young


Great Book!

…a super easy read. It’s full of stories about the antics of the family dog. …I love how I can easily use a different chapter story and teach my children what to expect or how to react during different situations they may encounter. I really enjoyed this book.

Donna H.


Beautiful Writing!

Great story, wonderful lessons, beautifully written.



Three Stars

very so-so

Patricia Mitchell


Perfect Family Book

My kids love dogs so what a great way to teach them life’s lessons through a book with short chapters. Highly recommend this book to people that have a dog because a dog is a part of our family and we can learn from our own dog through Watson.

Monique Wright

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